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You may not know whether your brakes can be repaired or if the easiest thing to do it replace them. Our skilled mechanics can advise you on the best solution.


Remember the most important thing is to get you from A to B the safest way, and that means having fully working brakes.

Brakes are one of the most important components of a working car, without good brakes, your vehicle won't be able to stop efficiently, so it's very important to have your brakes tested regularly. Luckily our mechanics are highly skilled in checking and replacing brakes.

The team at Wimbledon Tyres can replace the brakes on all vehicle makes and models. We will check and test your brakes to see where they are failing and either repair or replace them, whatever is required.

Expert brake repairs and replacements

We'll look after your brakes...and your safety

Get your brakes checked and tested today.

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Repair or


  • Juddering when you press the brakes - this can be felt through the steering wheel

  • A grinding noise - your brake pads may be worn down

  • Brake warning light - a great indication that something is wrong

  • Unresponsive brakes - when your car takes a while to stop or slow down after pressing the brake pedal

Are your brakes working correctly?

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Check for the following signs: