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If you think your car battery may be running out of charge, we'll check it for you. It may just need charging up or you may need a new one altogether.


We can either replace your car battery, or if you'd prefer to fit it yourself, we can help you with selecting the right battery for your vehicle.

At Wimbledon Tyres, it's important to us that your car is running at its best. If you think there's something wrong with your exhaust or it has been damaged, it is best to get in checked. We will then either repair or replace your exhaust. We stock a variety of exhausts for all vehicle makes and models, so you don't need to wait for a new part.

If your exhaust is making a strange noise or if you can spot black smoke trailing behind you in your rear view mirror, it may be best to get your exhaust checked by a team of experts.

Exhausts checked and replaced in Merton

Does your exhaust need replacing?

Does your car exhaust sounds like it's rattling? Call us on

0208 540 8897

Car batteries


We also replace window wipers and check the wiper motors. Some wipers can breakdown and either not work at all or go way too fast.


This is something we can repair, so you can see clearly again out of your windscreen.

Window wiper replacements

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